Standard Operation Procedures

  • One or several churches committed to watch one day (24 hours) a week, from midnight to midnight.
  • Every prayer session is 15 minutes;  everyone can commit to one or multiple sessions.  Encourage the adult and children to participate together.
  • Each session prayer will include the following:

– Sanctification Prayer

– Pray for Spiritual covering

– Pray for spouse, children and family

– Pray for one’s own church and other churches involved

– Pray for USA and East Coast states

– Pray for Israel and Nations

  • Each church or churches will coordinate and monitor her own schedules.
  • You can use the platform of East Coast 24/7 Prayer Wall WebEx  room to pray. Each church will make her own adjustment.
  • If for any reason you cannot keep the watch, please find your own replacement or reach out to other churches for help.