Lynda Prince First Nation Gather: Return Of the Real Warriors

  • Date: 2018/8/24-2018/8/26
  • Place: Saskatoon, Canada
  • Registration:




North America IHOP Homecoming Gathering: Convergence

  • Date: 2018/9/20 – 2018/9/22
  • Location : IHOP KC
  • Registration:


 East Coast Chinese/First Nation Gathering

The journey begins on May 17, 2018 at Philadelphia Tabernacle of David Jubilee celebration, on that day we will live stream the gathering through Zoom. May 21, 2018 we will worship at David’s Tent in Washington DC (To be arranged). During this Feast of Pentecost First Nation Worship Leader Robby Cummings and Brian LaBounty and their spouses will walk with the East Coast family and worship together. From Tent to Tent, from the first original Capital to current Capital, The Chinese in North America are like midwife, are all invited to walk with the First Nation, so we can help birth their destiny, so the greatest revival will come to America quickly.

Date Host Comment
2018/5/17 12-2pm:  Philadelphia PTOD Jubilee Tent

Evening: Pastor Allen Chang’s home meeting

Jubilee Celebration
2018/5/18 Evening:  Lamb of God Church at Philadelphia
2018/5/19 Evening:  First Presbyterian Church
2018/5/20 Morning:  First Presbyterian Church

Afternoon :  HIC

2018/5/21 Morning:  DC David’s Tent

Evening : DC Upper Room


North America Chinese Homecoming Gathering

  • Date: 2018/6/13 – 2018/6/15
  • Location: Forerunner Christian Church
  • Registration::


Lynda Prince First Nation Gathering

  • Date: 2018/8/24-2018/8/26
  • Location: Saskatoon, Canada
  • Registration: TBA

North America Homecoming Gathering

  • Date: 2018/9/20 – 2018/9/22
  • Location: IHOP KC
  • Registration: TBA