Prayer For United States

Prayers for Our Nation

1. Pray for President Trump, His family and his Administration

 ‘In the day when I called. You answered me and emboldened me with strength in my soul…….Though I walk in the midst of trouble,You will revive me; You shall stretch forth Your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Your Right Hand shall save me.’ (Psa. 138:3, 7)

 ‘O God the Lord, the strength of my salvation, cover my head in the day of battle.’(Psa. 140: 7)

 Pray for President Trump –Abba Father, give President Trump favor from You to be faithful and humble in accomplishing all his duties. Fill him with the Holy Spirit to have clear vision, humility, a pure heart,  with undivided attention to know all matters and events internationally and domestically, to lead and influence America and all nations with Godly wisdom and humbleness and gentleness. Father, surround him with all God-fearing, anointed, gifted and highly favored counselors, that walk with God with righteousness, compassion and humility.

Pray for Peace and Divine Protection and Security for President Trump, Family members, All The Administration, their families, and America.   Father, we declare God’s wrath destroys every form of evil, witchcraft, chaos, protests, bias accusation, counter control and manipulation to our sea, land, air and climates.  We bless our President and his family, the Administration and their families, especially for Members recently attended the Russian Conference be filled with complete peace, faith and God’s righteousness throughout.

2. Urgent Prayer for Mid-term Election and Voting

 ‘But everything must be done in a proper and orderly manner.’ (1 Cor 14:40)

Abba Father, It Is written: everything must be done in proper, lawful and orderly manner. May Your Justice served to cease all schemes of unlawful registration and voters’ fraud, voting manipulation in all the states, there to be ruled out, reversed and cancelled immediately. We ask You Lord, to establish quickly a fair and untaintable voting method to defeat unlawful voting. Father, We proclaim Your Will be done on earth as it’s in the Heaven. And may the righteous candidate be elected. In the name of Jesus,  Amen

3. Pray for Righteous Media

They have sharpened their tongue like a serpent; adders’ poison is under their lips……The man with an evil tongue shall not be established in the earth; evil shall hunt the violent man to overthrow himself.’ (Psalm 140:3, 11 ‘)

Raising up righteous Media:  Father, our hearts cried for the mending of the media syndication in our nation. Please forgive us allowing the media to tell us what is right; not resisting falsehood but keeping silence; thus allowing their bias reports infiltrate our society, homes, behavior, church, education, economy and the justice system. Please forgive us, by Your mercy, Your Blood cleanses away all our unrighteousness, to help and heal us, Lord.. Lord, in Your great mercy, bless us with a righteous Media Ministry, stands strongly in You. We pray this in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

4. Pray for the new Supreme Court Justice

He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them.  He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. (Daniel 2:21)

We declare God’s appointed righteous Judge is of reverence ruling with God’s standard in honoring the moral, constitutional laws and rights of America without compromising and obscurity. We declare the supernatural passing for the congressional votes needed.

We declare in the process of voting, the Judges and the Justice System are being refined and re-defined, aligned to complete God’s Standard and Foundational Law of Morality…. We declare No weapon formed against Judge Kavanaugh will succeed, Any condemnation rises up will be judged as it is the inheritance of God’s servants.

5. Pray for Immigration and Border Crisis

We pray against hidden operation behind Human Trafficking, Child Trafficking, Violence and Drug Trafficking to be identified by the lawful Immigration Justice system. We pray for protection over every American Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents, especially Border Agents serving faithfully to the nation.

We declare God’s hands and angelic force and spiritual firewalls of Intercession surrounding all the borders. We pray for God’s perfect plan for Immigration settlement will be established.

6. Pray for God’s Economy

Matthew 14:18-20 “Jesus took the five loaves and two fish and looking up to Heaven, He gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then He gave them to the disciples….they all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.”

We declare America is depending on God’s Economy System which allows us to trust beyond what we see. We bless God’s Plan and Purpose for America to prosper in His Way so the world will not fear to seek Salvation of our God.

7.  Pray for the First Nation

Abba Father,

Thank you for revealing to us the calling and destiny of the first nation people.  They are the steward of the land.  Today we stand as Your priest to repent for the sin of slaughtering and hurting the First Nation, cover us with the precious blood of Jesus, heal the steward of this land, comfort their hearts, return to them double for what was stolen from them, restore their identity with honor.   We want to stand with them, undergird them with our prayers, and be their strong support.   Let us receive each other in love and become one in Your truth and in Your Spirit, welcome in Your presence in our worship.  We declare that NOW is the time that the First Nations will stand as the first born of the land, to arise and shine, to release the unity in the spirit, to bring down an anointing of breakthrough, to lead all nations and tribes in United States in 2018 to enter the Gate of Grace together!

  • Pray for Lynda Prince 8/24-8/26 First Nation Gathering in the Saskatchewan [Current Affairs: August 24-26, August 21 First Nation people gathered in Saskatoon Lynda Prince, there will be Jewish pastor coming from Israel to join them. She believe that the Holy Spirit will do wonderful work. North American First Nation desire and need the Chinese to walk with them. Let us take up the key God has given the Chinese to open the heart and destiny of the First Nation! This year there has been several First Nation gatherings in the United States, Several Chinese that took part in these events thought that they were supporting the First Nation people. However, they were surprised to find out they were the one that had received great blessings and healing.]   Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for giving the Chinese the hearts to love the First Nation people to the Chinese people, and the key to open the hearts and the destiny of the First Nation people, so the First Nation has a deep desire for the Chinese to walk with them.   May You call the Chinese in North America to participate in this gathering, to establish relationships with them, to help them rise up and stand in their position, to prepare a way for the Lord in North America. You are the God who works all things together for good, for those who are call by Your name (Romans 8:28). Bless every Chinese that respond to this call.
  • Pray for the First Nation and their land[Current Affairs: The land of the Native American Reservation is given to them by the US government through treaty or government custody. Recently, the Ministry of the Interior is reconsidering whether to cancel the land use rights granted to the Mashpee family living in Massachusetts in 2015. Once cancelled, it may become a precedent for other First Nation] Abba Father, we pray for the First Nation and their land. These lands are given to them by the US government through treaty or government custody. We declare that the US government will keep the covenant they made with the First Nation, especially in this recent case of the (Mashpee) family in Massachusetts, and will not cancel or take away the land that has been given to them. Open up the eyes of the US government and the people, to understand Your will, to bless and honor the First Nation, and help them to enter into their destiny and callings!